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1021 Beverage Holder and
1021 B Beverage Holder with Blue LED

These new Beverage Holders incorporate RDI’s curved body design to create the most stylish and functional line of beverage holders on the market. Both the 1021 and 1021B have a rolled, polished SST lip for safe handling during installation.

The 1021 Beverage Holder is a standard, SST beverage holder, while the 1021B is the same style model with a single blue LED bulb embedded in the sidewall.

Features and benefits:
1021 & 1021B
  • Rolled, polished SST lip for safe handling during installation
  • Two-step design
  • Two-stage drain system to accommodate both 3/8” and 5/8” hose sizes
  • All RDI hose fittings pair easily with drain system
  • Bulb housing can be moved in and out for easy installation
  • Comes with a 16-inch harness to attach to the boat’s electrical system
  • Low-amperage LED is economical
  • UV-infused insulation pad to help muffle sound