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45000 Series - Patented Lighted Beverage Holder

The Patented 45000 Series - Lighted Beverage Holder builds upon the design of our original, Patented 33000 series of beverage holders. We’ve improved by evening out the light along the rim, which produces a more uniform glow through the inside and outside of the beverage holder. A SST trim ring mutes light to protect boaters’ eyes. This product uses RDI’s unique drain system and can connect to a number of attachments. Available standard in blue or white, and through special order in red, green or amber.

Features and benefits
  • Patented product
  • Manufactured from durable acrylic materials
  • Recessed harness protects wires
  • Available with SST trim ring and internal full-form black silicone, 4-tabbed, UV enhanced