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Combo SST/Plastic Beverage Holder

A combination of a highly polished, 304 stainless steel top lip with a durable plastic body makes for a cost-effective beverage holder. This model features a 3/4” vertical area under the lip that is reinforced and slightly wider than the body of the beverage holder, adding to the strength of the holder wall and securing the SST lip to the body.

Features and benefits:

  • Polished 304 SST lip secured into strong plastic body
  • Oversized area under lip offers tight installation
  • Two-step design accommodates different-sized
  • Standard drain for 3/8” hose attachment
  • Drain accommodates 5/8” hose attachment, closed-cap attachment or 90° hose attachment
  • Classic look, yet economical in price
  • Black insulation cushions adhered to inside bottom of beverage holder
  • Unique 2-part drain system
  • Exterior barb fits 5/8” hose
  • Screw-off exterior 5/8” barb and 3/8” barb available
  • To block off drain, a closed 5/8” cap is available
  • A 90° elbow attachment available to screw onto the 3/8” barb, accommodating either 3/8” or
    5/8” hose attachments