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Patented Lighted Beverage Holder

Our 33000 series Lighted Beverage Holders are available with LED bulbs that illuminate the beverage holder’s lip in the following colors: white, blue, red, green and gold. The LBHs come with a 12” wire harness for direct wiring to the boat’s electrical system. After installation a simple turn of a switch and your LBHs are alive.

Made from tough acrylics, the LBHs withstand the rigors of weather and boating. Each LBH has a 2-stage drain system that attaches to either 5/8” or 3/8” drain hoses. A closed-end cap and 90 degree attachment fitting are additional options.

The exterior of each LBH is sealed in a black coating, providing a visual barrier between the interior of the boat and the boater. The first 1 1/2” below the lip is thicker to add strength to the LBH. Two small external rubber “O” rings help aid installation. The LBH is a 2-step design with an insulation cushion adhered to the inside bottom of the LBH. The body width is 92.2 mm.

Options include:
  • Full internal 2-step form
  • UV-enhanced silicone insert with four internal tab
  • Extensions to accomodate most oversized beverages
  • A polished SST trim ring