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21013 SS-CP Beverage Holder

The smallest in RDI’s line of SST Beverage Holders, the 21013 SS-CP Beverage Holder is versatile enough to fit into even the tightest spaces. This new product has a highly polished finish on both the inside and outside, allowing it to stand out wherever it is used.

Easy installation is possible because of the single-step design of this quality, 304 SST product.

Features and benefits
  • The smallest in RDI’s line of SST Beverage Holders
  • Single-step design
  • Made of 304 SST
  • Standard with a 3/8” centered drain hole
  • Rolled, polished SST lip for safe handling during installation
  • Easy hose attachment possible through any RDI fittings
  • Black UV insulation pad helps muffle noise when in use

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